21 Sep

Still alive here. T~’s room now has a mattress on the floor, a dresser, & some toys. The door has one side painted, but I’ve kind of stalled out on painting.

I’m hopping from one thing to another & I probably need to get better about prioritizing & making To-Do Lists.

All I can say is, what would you do on a sunny day in Sept. when it’s 80 out? Go on a bike ride or prepare for the evening’s Small Group?

That’s what I thought.

I went on a bike ride.

The kids are doing well. E~ applied for Lego League, G~ is playing lots of Soccer, & T~ is loving dance. We’re a solid month into the school year & both boys are fairly settled. T~ still struggles with her mood after school. It’s quite an experience to walk her home from school. One day recently, she was shouting at the sun because it was making her sweat. We are entertainment for the whole neighborhood!

Today’s agenda includes listening to Book Talks at E~’s school followed by a field trip with T~’s class followed by a playdate with G~’s friend. I need to get supper in the crockpot & vacuum too. And I haven’t talked to my sister this entire week.

Better get too it. It’ll be 3 before I know it!



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