“What Are You Going To Do Now?” Part 2

10 Sep

The Never-Ending Painting Project.

Many moons ago, I decided we needed to paint the trim in our house. Logically, I knew it would take years but I thought it would be worth it. I still hope I’ll feel that way when I’m done. I’m going to set a unachievable goal of painting the hallway & my closet for this school year.

Since early August I’ve been working on T~’s room. I had been trying to steer her towards my color choice & she was reluctantly okay with it, but neither of us could make the final decision. I took her paint chip shopping & she kept gravitating to the pinks & greens so I painted her room like this:

Back wall

Window Wall

Closet Wall (eventually there will be doors)

Pink/Green transition

I am immensely pleased with how it turned out. I didn’t have high hopes. Our walls are lightly textured & I know stripes can turn out pretty ugly with any sort of texture. I found this helpful hint on Pinterest & it worked! It was a lot of work though. My dad brought down his laser level & I used that to set up the stripes. That took almost a whole weekend. Laser levels aren’t as easy as you’d think they should be. But all the work paid off. T~ is so very excited to move into her room. I put her mattress in today. My next project is to take over the garage & paint the doors & the bunk bed. T~ is taking the bunk bed with her to her new room & since her room looks so nice, I didn’t want to put the bunk bed in there with it’s ’80’s stain color & myriad of stickers.

These projects are never-ending…



One Response to ““What Are You Going To Do Now?” Part 2”

  1. Kerstin Harker September 10, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    Love it! You’re hired 🙂

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