This Is Getting Ridiculous

6 Sep

I cannot keep up. I’m in the midst of a number of projects, appointments, & school commitments. All I really wanted to do after the kids started back to school was take one afternoon & take a nap.

It hasn’t happened yet.

I promise I’m slowly working on my ‘staying at home with no children’ posts. More pressing though, is getting the green stripes up on T~’s walls so she can move into her new bedroom & I won’t have to listen to her & G~ fight over who gets to change in their room while the other one is relegated to the bathroom anymore.

It’ll be glorious.

So this is just a checking in post. I’m still alive.

Oh & I did have a chat with LOA. It went well. I touched on my disappointment, trust, & boundaries. She was a tad argumentative but overall, took the conversation well. As far as I know, we haven’t had any more issues.



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