What Would You Do?

27 Aug

I need some advice for my Bloggy Peeps.

This past weekend we went camping. We had a great time & little sleep. But that’s not the point.

On Sunday afternoon, after all was unpacked, the kids went to play with the neighbors. At suppertime J~ & I went across the street to our neighbors the H~’s to get the kids. Mr. H~ informed us that on Saturday, he was mowing his yard & noticed Little Orphan Abbie & a friend casing our house. LOA started with ringing the doorbell & progressed to trying the door, walking around the house, & other sketchy behavior. Mr. H~ watched her while mowing & didn’t say much; he wanted to see how far she would go. There is no love lost between LOA & Mr. H~, so I think he may have been hoping to have to call the cops 😉  Anyway, eventually LOA settled herself on our front stoop & shoveled dirt out of a planter. When she started that Mr. H~ told her to scram & after some backtalk, she did. That was concerning especially since earlier in the week I had caught LOA coming out of our garage. I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe she had been in the house to see the kids, but she hadn’t been. It was weird & I’d been keeping an eye on her but hadn’t seen anything else, but I was suspicious.

I know I need to talk to LOA & I plan on doing so. My problem is when I am upset (& even when I’m not) I can be very verbose. I love to give a good lecture but this calls for a more short & to the point statement.

J~ is suggesting something like “I heard what was going on around our house this weekend. Please don’t do anything that will not allow me to trust you.”

What would you say?

Her parents may or may not care. It’s hard to tell. At this point I can’t tell if they are both living at the house. But that’s neither here nor there. The other kids in their house haven’t turned out so great & we’ve seen very little parenting happening over there over the years so my guess is they are not disciplinarians.

I’m saddened by the whole thing. LOA used to play over here often. In the last year, she’s not been around much. She’d only come over if there was no one else to play with. When E~ figured that out, he was hurt, but moved on pretty quickly. I had hopes that maybe she might turn out okay. Maybe she’d not follow in the footsteps of her older siblings. I won’t give up hope yet, but I certainly won’t have her over to my house.

It’s just so disconcerting. What is she after? She’s been all over my house over the years, she knows we don’t have much for electronics or anything else of value to an 11yo. Who can fathom the mind of an 11yo? It seems personal, & brazen, which is scary.

So what would you do if it was your neighbor kid?



One Response to “What Would You Do?”

  1. Wendy September 3, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    Seems like you should talk to her directly, tell her what Jason said, be firm. If something happens again, call the police. If her folks wont care, call someone who may make an impression on her.

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