What Are You Going To Do Now?

23 Aug

I get the above question all the time now that all 3 kids are in school full time. Most people are genuinely interested in how I’m going to fill my ‘free time’. Others find it odd that I’m not going straight into a job now that my ‘job’ has gone to school. Being a SAHM is an always evolving calling & I’m just entering a new phase.

Part 1


I have fallen off the fitness bandwagon. I like to blame my plantar fasciitis & it is a big part of why I’ve stopped working out, but running is not the only physical activity I am capable of. I’ve had issues with my shoulder this year so biking has been uncomfortable. I’ve always loved Cross Country skiing but that’s only good for a few months (if that) each year.

I decided to try roller skiing.

I’ve seen roller skis around but they are only usable on paved surfaces. That’d be fine if I wanted to just roll around the neighborhood. Otherwise I’d always be driving to a paved trail. I happened upon a hybrid roller ski & roller blade called Skikes. Then I came across a place in Vermont that rents them for 2 weeks. Since I am not terribly coordinated, renting seemed like a good idea. The Skikes came on Monday & on my first outing & managed to fall & land butt-to-Skike.

Oh, the bruise. It hurts. I’ll be sitting carefully for at least a week.

Anyway, I was not deterred. I moved inside & practiced in the basement where no one would see me fall. I thought I was getting the hang of things.

Wednesday I headed out to a very flat, paved bike path. I strapped on the Skikes, grabbed my poles & pushed off. About a minute later, I was sliding down into a ditch. It seemed anytime there was a place to fall off the trail, the Skikes led me there. It was a little frustrating. It seemed if I found a rhythm, I would over-think it & have to dig myself out of the weeds. I only lasted 20 minutes but I came home with no broken bones & only a scrapped up calf. And, I think I might be getting Turf Toe.

My feet don’t like me much. And I buy them such cute shoes too…

If the Skike thing doesn’t work, I’ll start researching recumbent bikes. Or maybe Nordic Walking…



One Response to “What Are You Going To Do Now?”

  1. necessarygrace August 25, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    Wow, you are so adventurous! I love that you keep trying. All I ever do is the treadmill or the exercycle. I also love that you see your job as SAHM evolving … I totally agree, but confess there are times when I feel like I’m getting away with something, being home when the kids are at school. I’d love to hear more about how you see your calling in this phase of life.
    ps… it’s me “broccoli”… I’ve moved on to a new blog, but I’m still the same old me! 🙂

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