The Start of Another Year

20 Aug

School started last week.

E~ is in 6th grade at Treetop Jr High. G~ is in 3rd & T~ started Kindergarten at Neighborhood Elementary.

All 3 were excited about the coming year. I say were, because today, on day 4, the alarms are going off a little early for their tastes.

E~ seems to like Treetop. The first few days were boring, but now that they are actually doing stuff, he’s been pretty happy.

G~ is thrilled because he got the teacher he wanted. The whole 3rd grade team is pretty solid, so I didn’t really have a preference. I expect great things from G~ this year. He’s starting TAG (the talented & gifted program) & he’s really excited about everything about school.

T~ has Mrs. Farmer, G~’s former Kindergarten teacher, & Kindergarten teachers don’t get any better than her. I thought I’d be devastated that my baby was starting Kindergarten, but I couldn’t be happier. She is so ready for school. Plus she’s surrounded by friends, both hers & mine. It makes it a little easier for both of us.

Soon I’ll answer the oft-asked question: What are you going to do now that all the kids are in school?



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