Speech Issue

9 Aug

I had an appointment with my podiatrist today. I’ve been hobbled yet again by my old foe, Plantar Fasciitis. I’ve spent the better part of the summer with some pain in my foot but now the pain is fairly constant so it was time for the cortisone shot.

Not my favorite thing but it worked like a  charm last time.

It may surprise you, but I have many opinions on many things, one being that podiatry is a bit of a dodgy profession. Mostly this stems from my reading the book Born to Run & falling in love with my Vibram’s.

The last time I saw the Podiatrist, he mentioned custom orthotics as the cure for my PF. For this visit I was prepared with a little speech about how high arches are not a design flaw but a variation. It was going to be a great speech complete with anatomy highlights & medically words. He was going to renounce his ways & for hence forth, only prescribe stretching & Vibram Five Fingers for his clients.

Only I never got the chance. He didn’t even ask about orthotics. Just told me to lay off the flip flops & do more stretching & icing.

I felt cheated.

And sore.

Getting a shot in the foot hurts!




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