2 Aug

Here it is, the big 1000th blog post!

I was thinking I’d try to pull together a ‘Best Of’ post but that seemed like a lot of work. I was going to do something cute with the number in pictures but that also seemed like a lot of work. Now it’s 2+ weeks since my last post & it is time to end the “what will she do for the big post” suspense.

You were in suspense, right?


Here it is. The 1000th post will be a repeat of practically every other post on the blog: a little slice of life.


The last two weeks have been a blur. The boys finished baseball. G~ had a good season. He hit well, he fielded well, he had fun.

E~ had a rough season. He moved up a league & the competition was a little tougher. E~ is a capable player. He can field pretty well, he can throw with some accuracy. He just lacks confidence & muscle. His biggest struggle this year was batting. He depended on walks to get on base. It was brutal to watch him watch pitches & never swing. I finally did some top-notch parenting & offered to pay him for any hits. Still nothing. We practiced. We encouraged. We practiced some more.


Until the very last game.

E~’s team made it into the Championship game. It was a looooong day. The temps were near 100° & the field lacked shade. By the time the day was over, we’d been at the ball field for 6 hours, 5.5 of which were games. In 99° heat. But that’s not nearly as important as what happened during E~’s last at bat in the last game.

He screwed up his courage & hit.the.ball.

And even better? He got on base!

E~’s team lost the game but it really didn’t matter. He was as high as a kite. I’ll take the personal triumph over the team triumph 😉

So that’s baseball.

J~ & I also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely date complete with shopping & a fantastic meal. I made J~ this:

The maps are places that are special to us & the pictures should be self-explanatory.

J~ bought me this:

I had to ditch my wedding ring this Spring when my fingers became the size of hot dogs. My hope is they will go back to their normal size when the weather cools off, but in the meantime, I wanted a ring so people wouldn’t give me the single-mother-stink-eye. Plus, I just liked it.

And that’s the anniversary.

Summer is quickly grinding to a stop. We shopped for school supplies this week. I registered E~ for 6th grade. T~ & G~ will have registration next week.

I am ready for a schedule. I am not ready for my day to begin at 6:30. I am ready for a little ‘me’ time. I am not ready to eat lunch every day, by myself. I have had a constant companion for the last 11 years. I am going to be a little lost all by my lonesome. But let’s not think about that right now. Instead, let’s concentrate on the project I’ve started but haven’t even approached the middle of (painting the trim in T~’s soon-to-be room, formerly the guest room). My goal was to have it done before school started. Not happening. New goal, Thanksgiving 😉 Or the fact that my kids are driving me crazy & I really need to get off the computer & either take them to the pool or fill up the water balloons.

So there you have it. 1000 posts.

I hope it was worth the wait.

And thanks to my readers that have been with me for all 1000 posts & to those that joined me along the way. I really do appreciate you stopping in!





One Response to “1000”

  1. Kristi Leckband August 3, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Congratulations on the milestone! Yes, I’ve been waiting and waiting for this post. I knew, though, that wife and mama duties take priority. I’m all over that.

    You are so clever with the collage. I never would have thought to put a map of special places. That is such a cool idea.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Keep the posts coming. You bring joy to my day, and we all need some joy!

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