Post 999 Is Going To Be Me Whining…

15 Jul

About how fast time is going.

One month from today my baby starts Jr. High.


My youngest baby will be starting Kindergarten but that seems like a cake walk compared to JR. HIGH!

How did we get here? How did this kid:

Turn into this kid:

Who goes off to camp for a whole week with nary a tear or backwards glance?

I used to roll my eyes when people would say “Time goes so fast! Enjoy them because they won’t stay little for long!” Now I get it. Time does go fast. Kids don’t stay little for long. All those sleepless nights due to nursing or diaper changes, what I would give to have one of those back. Now my sleepless night is because I worry he won’t have anyone to sit with at lunch or what if someone picks on him on the bus? All foolish worries, I realize that. But worries look a lot bigger in the middle of the night 😉

Our control will diminish, but our influence will remain. That’s the goal anyway.

And I’ll cherish moments like this, where my child is not too big to grab & force into my lap.




One Response to “Post 999 Is Going To Be Me Whining…”

  1. Kristi Leckband July 19, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    No, no, no, he can’t grow up yet.

    I adore the picture of the two of you together on the sofa. You need to frame that, you know.

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