You’re Welcome World

22 Jun

Today I was greeted upon my arrival in the kitchen with a question from E~:

What is a test tube baby?

I would have gladly answered his question except that T~ was in the room too.

T~ is a sponge.

And she has no filter.

Any tidbit of information is soaked up by her, analyzed, & then usually regurgitated at the most inopportune time. Since she was a about to head off to VBS for the morning, I asked E~ to wait for his answer & left it at that. I could just imagine T~ sharing with her VBS class all about sperm, eggs, petri dishes, needles, & infertility. When E~ & I had our conversation, he didn’t ask the ‘why’ question about in vitro fertilization, but I’d bet my left ovary that T~ would.

Test Tube Babies was not the question I had expected to get from a book on Would You Survive the Middle Ages…




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