How We Spent Our Weekend

21 May

It involved loppers, shovels, dirt, plants, & a few of the neighbor’s yard waste garbage cans.

I have loathed the bushes in the front of our house since before we bought it. Our house screams ’90’s with the mustard yellow paint & forest green shutters. The bushes keep with the theme & are just as ugly.

This weekend, J~ was planning on renting a tiller to till up the garden, but that wouldn’t fill up the 4 hours we paid for, so we decided to take on a curb appeal redo too. Or at least that’s the story we’re telling people. The real version has more to do with drainage & grading issues.

This was the ‘landscaping’ before:

Close up of the offending bushes

After the blood, sweat, & tears:

The ’90’s is a little less ‘in your face’ with the new plants.

The new landscaping, designed by my talented sister B~ & implemented by my overworked hubby.

We still have to put in the edgers & some mulch but already I like what I see.

Now to find the Advil for my aching muscles…



One Response to “How We Spent Our Weekend”

  1. Kristi Leckband May 21, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Huge improvement. Way to go!

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