I Am Going To Make A Mountain…

10 May

Out of a mole hill.

You have been warned.

T~ was in charge of her last snack day. Hallelujah! Strike up the band! Thank God it’s over. The snack thing has been a thorn in my side all.year.long. I loathe snack day with a passion. There are so many stinking requirements; it takes all the fun out of bringing snack. In addition to the stringent snack requirements, the school asks us to provide napkins & some rather specific 9oz cups.  Irritating. I’m betting the school has a Sam’s Club membership & could provide their own cups & napkins but why not nickel & dime the parents to death?

Anyway, since it was T~’s last snack I decided to let her bring chocolate milk as a treat. There are 19 kids in her class. One gallon of chocolate milk should be more than enough. In the past, we’ve always had drink leftover. Her friend E~ brought chocolate milk last week & had half a gallon left over. I figured we’d have the leftovers for supper. It’s a win-win.

Only I didn’t get anything back today. According to the teacher, the kids were thirsty.

Have they not heard of water?! Who lets preschoolers have unlimited chocolate milk? Why let preschoolers have unlimited chocolate milk? At my house you get one glass & then it’s white milk or water if you are still thirsty. Why? Because chocolate milk is a treat & you don’t get unlimited treats! That’s why!

Grrrr. I am so unreasonably mad about this.

I loathe this preschool with a passion normally reserved for traffic jams & bullies.



One Response to “I Am Going To Make A Mountain…”

  1. Kristi Leckband May 12, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    Too bad you don’t “get” to bring snacks one more time. You could send a jug of water.

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