An Easy Decision

9 May

I thought that’s what I’d have, once the Talented & Gifted letter came.

If you remember, J~ & I have been weighing where to send E~ next year for Jr. High – the local public school , Treetop, or the Lutheran school, 3in1. J~ & I had come to the decision that if E~ made the TAG program at Treetop, that’s where we’d send him. If he didn’t make the program, we were leaning heavily towards 3in1.

Yesterday the letters came & E~ made the TAG program. We were all thrilled. It’s a very competitive program so I wasn’t optimistic he’d get in. He did, so that was that – he would be attending Treetop Jr High in the fall.

Except E~ isn’t so sure. He is leaning towards 3in1.

I was surprised. I’d thought he’d be thrilled to stay with his friends. I guess we have a lot more talking to do…



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