Adventures in Unnecessary PhotoShop

25 Apr

I read an article recently about exercise & brain health. It basically says mice that ran had healthier brains than mice that had fancy, educational toys. What was most interesting about the article were the pictures the New York Times decided to publish with it.

Not a stock picture of a woman running:

Or even of a mouse running:

But this image of a tiny woman running on a light post:

There are two others. One of her stretching in a stick & the other is her running on a chain.

My question is WHY?

Is the tiny woman supposed to represent a mouse & the stuff she’s on the wheel?

Of the billions of images of people running, why take a perfectly fine picture of a running person & Photoshop it to look like she’s landed on some alien planet inhabited by giants?

It makes no sense to me & I had nothing else to blog about, so there you go.



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