3 Years?!

6 Apr

I was looking for something on the blog today & came across my April ’09 posts. Did you know 3 years ago today is the day we left Rural City & settled in Metropolis?

It snuck up on me too.

Rereading the posts made me teary-eyed. I miss my Rural City house. The walkout basement. The kitchen. The second kitchen.

I miss my Rural City church family. I miss seeing the F~ family become a family with kids. I miss the people that have known my kids since the day they were born. I miss knowing everyone that walked through the door.

I miss my Rural City friends. The GNO’s & getting kicked out of a restaurant. I miss being with people who have known me since the very beginning of my parenting career.


Things are good here. Really good.

I’m not super fond of our palatial estate here in Metropolis but it does have a few things I like. My own bathroom. My first walk-in closet. I love being in a neighborhood surrounded by kids & a short walk to school & other amenities.

We belong to a great church. The kids love Sunday School. I love singing songs in church that we hear on the radio. It’s a vibrant, innovative, & growing church – all things on our wish list.

I’ve made some wonderful friends here. They liked me when I was Bitter K~ & still like me now that I’m me again. The GNO’s are a little more tame but just as much fun. My life is fuller because of my friends here. They challenge me, they support me & they make me laugh. What more could a girl want?

I have finally arrived at the place where this feels like home.

And it only took 3 years!




2 Responses to “3 Years?!”

  1. Julie "Stuff" April 9, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    3 years- that’s what is always took me when we would move. Congratulations on finally feeling you’re at “home” again.

  2. Christina April 18, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    Isn’t it crazy how long it takes, and yet how it kind of sneaks up on you? I really hated our VA house when we first moved in, and now four years later, we’re selling it, and I’m all attached and weepy about leaving it. I remind myself of that when I look at pictures of our new house and think “it doesn’t look like *our* house”. Glad you are so happy in your “new” home!

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