3 Apr

WordPress is telling me I’m only 20 posts shy of 1000 posts. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel like blogging much – I have nothing left to say!

Things are plugging along here. The big news is my sister had her baby. She’s a little thing – only 5.5lbs. I can’t wait to hold her. Unfortunately she lives way faraway (7 hours by car) & that’s a bit much for a weekend trip these days. It’s looking like I’ll get to spoil her in early May.

This spring I volunteered to help with the Running Club at the kid’s school & as what usually happens to me, I am now in charge. I don’t know how that happens. There were lots of parents interested in running along with the kids but not so many interested in planning the days activity. That became my job. I truly don’t mind, it’s been fun & it’s a much shorter duration than Lego League. Still, I’d like to wear a shirt that says “I don’t work for the school! I’m just a volunteer!” so when other parents come to me with behavior issues they are seeing or medical questions, I could just point to my shirt & they could go find someone who actually knows something. The biggest time commitment is not the actual running club meetings but the planning of the Scavenger Hunt, or the Obstacle Course, or laying out the field for Capture the Flag, or any of the other games we’ve played. Pretty soon the school is going to need to put me on their payroll. I could be their Clubs Coordinator or something…



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