1 Mar

I’m not a big fan of dental work. I’ve had a bit too much in my life to ever truly be comfortable with people sticking needles in my mouth. So today was a bit of a stretch for me.

T~ had a root canal this morning. A few years ago, she chipped a tooth pretty severely & our dentist has taken a ‘wait & see’ approach to the tooth. Over the past few months T~ has had some pain with the tooth & it was decided last week that some work needed to be done. The dentist wanted to do a mini-root canal on the tooth rather than pull it. Normally the kids go back on their own for their dental appointments. They like our dentist & I’m never very far away so we’ve all been comfortable with that arrangement. I knew T~ was nervous today but I was still hoping I wouldn’t have to go back with her.

T~ was having none of that. She had a moment of panic but once she calmed down, it was drill time! I hate the sound of that thing. It’s like fingernails on a blackboard. Do you know what’s worse? Having to watch the dreaded drill being used on your wide-eyed child.

Enough about me. T~ did very well. She was pretty scared & nervous but she was very brave & I’m very proud of her. Not many 5yo’s would have a root canal without complaint. We marked the occasion with a donut & an hour at school, working in the library.

Speaking of the library, T~ & I have logged almost 100 hours this year at school. T~ hasn’t been with me for all my hours but at least 3/4 of them. That’s impressive for a school that discourages younger siblings from coming with parents to volunteer at school. I get why they do it, but I still find it annoying. Most of my hours were from Lego League. The rest from the library. I recently started working in E~’s class one afternoon a week  while T~ is at school. I laugh when people ask what I will do next year with all my ‘down time’.



One Response to “Dentalphobia”

  1. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks! March 4, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    I have to have gas just to get a cleaning. I think my husband would have to take our kid to the dentist if one of them ever had to have a root canal. I couldn’t do it!

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