Long Weekend

21 Feb

The boys had a 4-day weekend. T~ had a regular weekend. We still managed to pack a whole lot of nothing into our days off. I think I enjoy those kinds of breaks best – we could have gone somewhere but instead we slept in our own beds (sometimes even past 8am!), played with friends, & accomplished very little.

One of the things we did accomplish was taking E~ to see a potential school for him for next year. E~ will matriculate from our neighborhood school to the Jr High. Or we could send him to a private school. We are having a hard time deciding. There are many reasons we’re looking at a private school. Mostly we want E~ to have the chance to excel. He’s in an overcrowded class now & the Jr High he’ll funnel to will contain overcrowded classes from 2 other schools besides E~’s. Not exactly a recipe for success. J~ & I have toured both schools. E~ has just seen the private school. His class will tour the Jr High in March.

E~ has been very reluctant to talk about changing schools. After his visit, he was much more open to the idea. He liked the smaller class size & the opportunities he’ll have for athletics. I like the class size, the facility, & the quality of instruction. The big negative is the schedule. The private school has the same start & end time as the neighborhood elementary only the private school is a 15 minute drive to downtown. There are carpooling options, but it’ll never be as easy as his walking out our front door & boarding the bus which would be his mode of transportation to the local Jr High. The other scheduling headache is that the private school is part of a different school district which means the kids will not have the same break schedules. Christmas break should line up but Spring Break, & Thanksgiving Break will be different. To say nothing of snow days & odd days like MLK jr & Presidents Day. We don’t travel over Spring Break except for a few days to see family, but I’d like to have the option.

We could switch all the kids to the private school but we won’t. I love our neighborhood school. G~’s class is so small & the teachers he has coming up are really great. Plus, there’s no way T~ is not going to have Mrs. Farmer for her Kindergarten teacher. I don’t think they make Kindergarten teachers any better than her.

All that to say, trying to decide your child’s educational future is tough.



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