Valentine’s Revisited

15 Feb

I am not a fan of the Hallmark Holidays & Valentines is no exception. This year, the day was so incredibly busy, I didn’t have time to ruminate on how much I dislike this day.

The morning started at school, working on projects for teachers with other parents. Then it was home to put supper in the crockpot. After that it was a scramble to the sandwich place to pick up lunch & then drive out to a church for the parenting group meeting. As the meeting wound down I made a mad dash back to school to facilitate E~’s ‘Friendship’ party. Anyone know why the names of all holidays have been changed?

After school, I picked up T~ & two neighbor kids to come over  to sled on our miniscule snow & burn off the sugar high. By the time they went out, 3 more neighbor kids were installed on our front yard. By 5, we were down to only 2 spare kids. After they went home, we had a nice supper, pork roast, mashed potatoes, & better than anything cake. Then it was showers, followed by a trumpet duet with J~ & E~, & finally bedtime for the kids. J~ packed his stuff & left for the night so he could arrive at an early business meeting without having to leave in the middle of the night. So my Valentine’s night was spent collapsed on the couch, playing Bejeweled & watching TV.

Today is going to be spent at home putting the house back together, doing my Beth Moore homework, & possibly going for a run. Probably should get started on that stuff…



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