That Could Have Been Bad

13 Feb

If I were certain people on facebook, I’d leave the post at that & then be deluged with comments wondering what happened.

Anyone else annoyed by statuses like that? The dire, cryptic posts that have you going ‘oh no!’ only to find out, after the required 6 people have commented with their concern, that the poster’s cat was hacking up a hairball on the carpet but at the last minute moved to the tile?

It’s just me then…

Where was I…

It’s Monday & we had a busy weekend & a kind of cranky Sunday night. Not the greatest way to end the weekend. I was not dreading Monday – it was a chance to start over. Then catastrophe struck! The first alarm is set to go off at 6:40, the next at 7:00 & the 3rd (a pill reminder) is set for 7:15.

The alarm that roused us this morning? The 7:15 alarm!

Maybe it was the extra sleep, but everyone was up & ready in record time. There have been no tears or tantrums. The chores have been done, music has been practiced & we will be at school on time.

Maybe I should set the alarms for PM more often.




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