Brace Face

17 Jan

We knew it would happen. A kid can’t suck his thumb for 4.5 years & not need extensive dental work.

Fortunately, this year is not the year for expensive mouth hardware.

The Ortho was nice though. I liked the office & his staff. If we have to spend gobs & money & time, I could find worse places. I have been tempted to take E~ back to our old dentist for braces. A friend just got done with hers & she paid less than half of what we’ll end up paying. The question is whether it’s worth the 4hr round trip for every appointment.

Probably not. I really loved our old dentist though…

In other random news, have you been sucked into the Pinterest vortex yet? I made the mistake of asking my sister for an invite & now my project list has doubled. I need to paint the trim in the guest room but instead I’m designing ways to camouflage our disgusting trash can with spray paint. I’m not sure what possessed me to buy a white trash can for our kitchen… And the recipes! This is what we’re having for supper tonight. With snow & temperatures falling, I can think of nothing better.

I would like an iPhone with the Siri feature. T~ is queen of random questions & I’d love to hand her the phone & have Siri give her answers to such existential questions like “what’s the difference between Twilight & Evening?” & “if water is clear & snow is frozen water, why is snow white?” & “why wouldn’t the Jews just say they weren’t Jews anymore so then Hitler wouldn’t kill them?” This is what happens when you have older siblings who talk about their schoolwork at home.


T~’s Kindergarten teacher is in for a real treat next year & her classmates may be in for quite an education. The kid doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, she knows about the Holocaust, WWII, Star Wars, & Harry Potter, & she’s not real great at keeping her mouth shut. Maybe that’s why we’ve had no offers of playdates from Preschool… Not that she’d go, I can’t stand that place…

Which is a post for another time.



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