I Always Knew My Box of High School Junk Would Come In Handy

9 Jan

E~ is losing weight again. This time it’s a combination of medication & the fact that he cannot stop talking about school.

It’s a good problem to have.

His first love has always been the Talented & Gifted class. The current unit is his current favorite unit ever – Bridges. It’s a neat project. The kids are divided into teams & one kid is the engineer, another is the accountant & the third kid is the project manager. The bridges are constructed out of toothpicks, which cost $10K/pick, glue is 8K/day, all of which is paid out of their million dollar budget. I love the real world nature of this unit.

E~ has been enamored with WWII for the past year or so. I have been a little concerned with his Greatest Generation/romanticized view of WWII & while nothing could diminish his love of battleships, I think he is beginning to understand the nasty side of war. This past week his teacher introduced the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. He also was assigned to do some research on the Holocaust & present his findings to his class. We’ve had some really deep & meaningful conversations this week & I became the coolest parent ever when I told him I had visited a concentration camp. I was able to pull out my pictures & even a map of Dachau from my box of High School Crap. He grilled me on Dachau & could hardly sleep due to anticipation of sharing his new-found information with his classmates the next day. It was really neat to see. I love it when something at school really excites my kids & they can’t wait to learn more.

After his stint in the Navy, E~ might just be the countries next great WWII Historian.

Or a Bridge Engineer.

His fall back is Lego Artist 😉



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