Dinner Conversations

30 Dec

Picture it: A lovely Tuesday afternoon, or was it Wednesday? No matter. All of Metropolis is off for the week & decides to also take their families out to lunch at the Olive Garden. By some stroke of luck, we only had a 15 minute wait before being seated. Our children, all competing for the role of Town Crier, were loudly carrying on conversations with each other & with us. I think we spent the majority of the meal reminding our lovelies that we are sitting right next to them.

Anyway, T~ was digging into her salad when she spied something she HATES.

“Daddy! I don’t like the blacks!”

“T~, shhhh. I’ll take care of it.”

“Daddy! Get the blacks away!!”

“T~, can you say ‘Olive’? Those are olives, not blacks.”

“Olive. But I still don’t like the blacks.”




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