My Life in Bullets

17 Nov

I am remiss in my blogging. What can I say? Life is crazy right now. I’m holding on until Dec 11. Then I’ll have about 4 days before more craziness starts.

In the meantime, this is what is consuming my waking moments:

  • Lego League – What can I say? I love Lego League. It’s really time-consuming though. I’m finally feeling like I have a handle on what needs to be done & am confident our teams will do really well with both parts of the competition. The research project is coming along nicely. The kids should have it all put together yet this week. Most of the teams are finished with their robot programs & now are just tweaking them. Except E~’s team. He may have to start over. Not excited about that conversation. The competition on Dec. 10. Maybe then I can stop dreaming in Lego’s.
  • Graceful Parenting – Have I mentioned this group before? In case I haven’t here’s a quick synopsis: My small group decided there was a lack of Christ-centered groups for mom’s of elementary school kids so we started one. It’s going very well. Lots of good conversations, speakers, & new friends being made. It all takes time to pull it together & I’m really enjoying being a part of something so great.
  • Sunday School coordinator. Some days this is my biggest stress & I wish I could learn to say no. Other days I love it & am so glad I get to put it all together. My role is to organize the skits & props for our large group presentations for Sunday School. We have lots of people willing to help – they just need to be asked – something I’m not great at. Also not great at crafts so most weeks I feel like all I do is ask people to do things for me. I struggle with that as I prefer to just do them myself.
  • Raynaud’s/Scleroderma crap. My fingers are in bad shape this year. My dr. sent me to a fantastic rheumatologist who has found a new disease for me to have & also many, many drugs to take. I’m not happy that I need a pill caddy but I am happy to have someone who is not satisfied with purple fingers & months of open sores & is working with me to find something that works to prevent the sores. Also, she’s FABULOUS at communication! I know! A doctor who will call you back! The same day! She is amazing!
  • Visitors – My parents were just here this past weekend. We have a friend coming this weekend. My parents & sisters & their families come for Thanksgiving. We have a weekend off then people are back for the Lego League thing & then we pack up & leave for 5 days in OR. After a quick Christmas gathering in MN, we’ll be home just in time to collapse in our own beds on Christmas Eve.
  • Have you seen the trailer for The Hunger Games? Cannot wait for that movie to come out!



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