Uh Oh,

21 Oct

I feel some nostalgia coming on.

While searching for the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel picture, I came across tons of old photos of the kids. Since E~ recently had another birthday & turned way older than I thought he should, nostalgia has hit me pretty hard.

Want to see pictures of my E~ when he was little?

I thought so…

Can you believe the kid is 11 & the dog is 13?

There was a time when Star Wars was not his obsession;

Instead we had trains & cars as Barefoot Hazards

And car trips were not peppered with requests for DS.


There was a time when E~ & G~ were inseparable & sometimes I long for the days of this:


But I’m really proud of the young man he’s turning out to be & I look forward to all of the adventures we’ll have as he grows older.




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