Politics is Nasty Business

14 Oct

J~’s complaining again that I’m not blogging enough. Thankfully G~ has provided a little fodder & I have 5 minutes to spare.

G~’s teacher’s son is running for City Council. TPD stopped by last weekend & asked to put a sign in our yard. G~ said yes before I had a chance to open my mouth. I’m pretty sure TPD & my politics don’t mesh well but how do you turn down a 2nd grader who gets excited to count the number of TPD signs in the neighborhood? So we have a TPD sign in our yard. I’ve caught G~ staring at it. He rakes around it. He makes sure it’s straight every.single.day. It’s cute.

And weird.

Today the sign disappeared. I didn’t think about it too much. I figured a couple of high school kids must have taken them. Not a big deal. G~ was incensed. He was positive TPD’s opponent had stolen our sign. I asked him why he’d think that & he told me “You always say politicians are liars & crooks so she must have stolen his sign!”

Not sure what he thinks now that the sign is back in the yard. Fit of conscience from the opponent?



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