It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

20 Sep

School Shoe Shopping!

We’re a little late this year. The boy’s each had a pair of Keen’s so school shoes weren’t necessary right at the beginning of the year. Now it’s starting to feel like fall so it’s time for new shoes.

G~ was easy. He’s not picky. He prefers orange shoes but when faced with this pair with orange, of course, & this pair, he chose the North Face tennies. He also went from a size 3 to a size 4. Over the summer. At the age of 7. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. J~ has ginormous feet. Size 15 ginormous. And yes, it’s true what they say about big feet. Big feet means big, expensive, not-available-in-stores shoes.

E~ on the other hand, has proportional feet. His Keen’s were a 4. He had quite a growth spurt over the summer so it wasn’t a surprise that he needed a 5.5 now. What was a surprise was that half sizes are hard to find. I scoured Kohl’s & it looks like their either don’t believe in half sizes or they are discriminating against them. Em, care to weigh in on that? šŸ˜‰ Also a surprise? E~ now cares about what kind of shoe he gets. A generic running shoe was no longer good enough. He wanted these Reebok’s. I wanted money left over at the end of the month so they stayed at the store. Jumping a price bracket in shoes is not a nice thing. And I’m guessing G~ will be there by Christmas. Poor kid. Poor checking account.

The whole reason I wanted to write about shoes though was because of the kid that sold us E~’s shoes. It was a rather humorous experience. I walk in the store with the 3 kids, which is always makes for a fun time, & E~ finds 2 pairs he’d like to try on. The kid asks for a size, I say 5.5 & he decides to pull out the magic measuring tool. The adult one. E~ tries to put his left foot in the left foot spot & the guy grabs his right foot & places it there instead. Then he tries to tell me E~ needs a size 10. Men’s. I inquire if this was the kid’s first day.

It was not.

I reiterate that a 5.5 would be great in either shoe. He heads to the back & says they have no half sizes (What is it about half sizes? Are they the red-headed step child of the shoe industry?). I suggest a 5 or a 6. He comes out with a size 6 & a size 4.

Yeeeeeaaaahhhh. At this point I want to ask him what high school he attends so I could avoid sending my kids there.

While I was wondering about the kid’s intelligence & fearing for our future with these kinds of morons in charge, E~ fell in love with a pair of shoes that fit (size 6). They weren’t going to break the bank so we quickly made our purchase (the guy was able to do that without too much trouble) & we quickly leave before The Stupids infect us.

And thus ends the saga of School Shoe Shopping.


By the way. I am sold on Keen’s for the kids. They are so versatile. They wore them biking, hiking, playing at the park, to church, boating, just about everywhere. You can throw them in the washer when they get dirty & start to get the Keen funk. They are fantastic shoes. I’ll fork it over for the kids to have a pair for next year too.


One Response to “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

  1. Kristi Leckband September 21, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    I love my Keens, too. It’s getting a bit cool, but I wear them with white socks anyway. I can’t bear the thought of wearing really warm socks yet. It’s just not time.

    And what’s the name of the dorky high school? We’ll be steering very clear of that one.

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