I Did It!

28 Jul

I figured out how to get my pictures off my phone & onto the computer! You know what that means?

Pictures of the Warrior Dash!

Before the race

I ran the race with my hubby J~, my friend C~ (teal shirt, blue shorts), & my sister B~ (green shirt, gray shorts). J~, C~ & I are still clean. B~ had already run the race with a couple of impatient friends so she’s a little dirtier. She’s also crazy because she decided to run the race twice! I’m glad she did, it was a blast!

As I wrote in the previous post, the race was held at a ski resort. Within the first half-mile we were walking. It was a steep hill. Waiting for us at the top was a ‘typhoon’ made of water blowing through the snow making machines. When we were good & wet we found the next obstacle Twisted Ankle Alley. You had to climb over cars & jump down onto a tire/high knees course. And then up onto a car & jump down onto the tires again. Not a challenge really, just asking for injury. Or at least that’s the way it looked to this old body. After the car thing it was off to climb more hills. We wound through the woods a bit, walked up ski slopes, galloped down ski slopes, climbed over walls, crawled under barbed wire, crawled through a hot & stinky ‘tunnel’ (black plastic stretched over a short frame. It was lame), & then came to our first real test – the horizontal ropes. Not terribly difficult, just tricky. After that it was a climb a 20ft wall of cargo nets. It was a little frightening but I made it over without kicking anyone in the face. It was a good warm up for the climb up the 12ft wall using ropes & teeny tiny foot holds. Again, a little frightening & this time I almost did get the girl behind me in the face but it would have totally been her fault since she wasn’t being patient. At this point we were on a pretty flat part of the course so it should have been an easy run. Except for the ankle-deep mud. It took me a few steps to realize that I was just going to get muddy & it would b e more fun to splash, slip & jump through it & not worry about my shoes. It was fun & both of my shoes stayed on my feet. At this point the race is almost over. We have two obstacles left – a slip & slide & the mud pit. I took a nice run at the slip & slide & had a blast sliding down the hill. Before we could do the mud pit, we had to jump over fire. It wasn’t as scary as it looked in picture. Now for The Mud Pit. I couldn’t tell you how long it was, only that it was about knee-deep & covered with barbed wire. You had to get muddy. We all made spectacular jumps into the pit & crawled our way to the finish. I think my dad has pictures of our jumps. I’ll have to remember to get them from him.

After the finish, we grabbed cups of water to clean our faces & had a banana.


I don’t know about C~ & B~, but the only thing that didn’t get clean was our socks. They will be forever a nice shade of brown.

The whole day was so much fun. I loved that I was able to run the race with some of my favorite people. I’m so happy my parents decided to come & watch us (My dad is thinking about organizing an over 60 group for next year). The weather was gorgeous, not something I would have expected after the previous week of high temps & high humidity. It was perfect. Well worth the wait!

Who’s in for next year?



One Response to “I Did It!”

  1. Kristi July 30, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Way to go, girl! You’ve got me curious now.

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