Taking One For The Team

21 Jul

We don’t often take the kids to go see a movie in the theater. We’ve done it a few times & have always enjoyed the experience. The kids have been desperate to see Cars 2. J~ & I had tentative plans to take the kids when the movie makes an appearance at the super cheap theater at the end of July. The prolonged heatwave changed my mind. The pools feel like hot tubs & the afternoons were starting to get long so I thought I’d take the kids to a movie. Only J~ couldn’t go. J~ graciously took one for  the team by not being upset that he was going to miss taking the kids to a movie. It ended up that I took one for the team since Cars 2 is a bad movie.

Not bad as in inappropriate. Just bad as in choppy, bad story, flat jokes, & none of the things that make a Pixar movie a Pixar movie. Except the animation. The scenes from Italy were stunning. I bet that was a tough research trip to take.

I wonder if that was the whole goal of this movie – fun research trips for the animators? They would have had to go to Japan & Great Britain as well.

As much as I didn’t like Cars 2 (the boys did) it was a good way to spend the afternoon. The kids were engaged (except T~ who was bored fairly quickly) & no one asked a million times for something to eat or whined about nothing to do. And then when we got home & they started whining about their lack of video game time, I could point out the 2 hours we spent watching a bad movie as their screen time for the day & that they should go read a book.

I call that a win-win!



One Response to “Taking One For The Team”

  1. Teresa July 25, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Totally agreed! Took the kids to see it at the drive in theatre (our yearly trip). J (my lover of all things Cars) fell asleep half-way through & AJ kept asking questions/saying he didn’t get it! At least it is only $1/child at the drive-in so not a ton of money!

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