Who Left The Oven Open?

18 Jul

It’s hot. Maybe you’ve heard that the Midwest is in the midst of a week-long heat wave? You might have missed it amongst the coverage of J-Lo’s divorce (not sure how this is news. It’s really more of a habit at this point), the Carmagedon that wasn’t, & Casey Anthony being released from jail & not speaking to the public that hates her.

Anyway, it’s h.o.t. And humid. Normally I intensely dislike this weather. This year, while I’m not spending every waking minute in it, I don’t really mind. After the never-ending winter, I’m more than happy to experience Summer. It also helps that most of my outdoor time is done at the pool. Poor J~ isn’t as lucky, but he’s finding plenty of reasons to be in his office.

Due to the heat, the kids are spending some time in front of the tv & have discovered the joy that is Animaniacs. J~ & I loved that show in college & I’m thrilled that after only 3 episodes, the kids know most of the words to the theme song. I’m one proud mom.



One Response to “Who Left The Oven Open?”

  1. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks! July 18, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    Yes, it is hot. And I am not built for hot. I do not like it one bit. Blech.

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