Baseball Season:

12 Jul

DONE! At least for E~. I could not be happier. Last nights game was pretty one-sided with E~’s team being soundly beaten. G~ & T~ had a rough night too with the playground being taken over by an out-of-control girl who enjoyed spitting. Not the best night we’ve had all summer, but at least there won’t be any more of those.

Monday was supposed to be an easy day. We had a couple of appointments scheduled but it looked like we would have time for the all important afternoon nap. Instead G~ ended up with a new appendage:

It was not a surprise that he needed glasses, just that he needed them now.  I was fully expecting him to need glasses by the end of 2nd grade, it’s what we do around here. However, G~ hadn’t said anything about his vision being blurry or not being able to read things far away. I guess vision & shoes fall into the same category of Things Mom Needs To Periodically Ask About.

G~ was super excited to get glasses. He’s wanted them since E~ had his first pair. I made sure to capitalize on his excitement & we headed to the one-hour glasses place & found a pair with orange on it. G~ made sure to tell everyone we came in contact with that his specs were new & he was promptly congratulated by everyone. It made for a nice day for G~, but T~ is more than a little cranky about her lack of glasses. She’s hoping her appointment at the end of the month will yield the same result for her. I hope otherwise. I’m not sure our flex account can handle another pair of glasses.



One Response to “Baseball Season:”

  1. Kristi Leckband July 12, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    A handsome looking lad indeed.

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