Good Mom, Bad Mom: Baseball Edition

9 Jul

Good Mom:

  • Hiring a sitter so the two not playing don’t have to sit for 2.5 hours in the heat, not watching their brother play baseball
  • Only  bringing one book to the field
  • Finding a way to fix E~’s glasses so he could continue playing. Had he not continued, we’d have to call the game due to lack of numbers
  • Actually paying attention to the game. They hit the ball this time!

Bad mom:

  • Praying E~’s team doesn’t win so we can stop hanging out at the ball field for hours on end
  • Cheering when the other team got enough runs to put them ahead
  • Groaning (hopefully quietly) when our team got the run they needed to win the game
  • Finishing a book while at the field

I am proud of E~ for how he played. He finally decided to try batting instead of waiting for 4 lousy pitches & getting a walk. The game was actually interesting to watch.

But I’ve had enough baseball. I don’t care to see another game. I am tired to trying to entertain the younger two kids when all they want to do is not be where they are. I can’t blame them, I don’t want to be at the ball field either. But we must. Next game is Monday night. Same night as Church League Softball – something we all enjoy. If E~’s team wins on Monday (Lord help us all) then the following week they would play every other night until they lose. Plus G~ is still playing baseball too. His games are mercifully only an hour. Although they have a tendency to schedule his games at the field farthest from the parking lot. And there’s no trees. Or bathrooms.

It’s good for the kids. Or so I keep telling myself…



2 Responses to “Good Mom, Bad Mom: Baseball Edition”

  1. Jennifer July 12, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    You are WAY better mom than me!!! Baseball/softball are Troy’s domain; I do swimteam the rest of the year. I went to ONE baseball game and ONE softball game and have absolutely NO guilt!!! Pretty sure my “Mom of the Year” award is in the mail….lol.

  2. MOMUMO July 18, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    My son, who now plays college baseball, had two sisters that I had to “drag” along to games when he was younger too. We never allowed them to hate being there, we had a “baseball bag” filled with healthy (and unhealthy) snacks, activities, and other necessities (first aid, bug spray, sunscreen, toilet paper, etc.). After more than a decade of baseball games… there are no two girls on the planet that are bigger baseball fans – in fact, they won’t date guys who don’t like baseball, they have baseball decorations in their home/dorm room, they know more about the game than some players — and it is a true passion and love for them. To be fair, my son was “dragged” to softball games, swim meets, and ballet recitals. He pretends to hate all of it, but I have caught him explaining ballet to friends, watching swimming on television, and you should hear him during the Women’s College World Series.

    To the mom who prefers swim meets (I went to nearly all of them, in fact my husband and I seldom OPT out of an event) but really, you have my admiration for preferring them over baseball/softball… it requires a tremendous effort to make them enjoyable – especially if they are indoors (read really expletive loud)

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