The Many Names Of Zucchini

4 Jul

One of the things we grow in our garden in Zucchini. Some people might call it a weed since it grows prolifically & if you leave your car windows open in August you might end up with some on your front seat. I like it because I can grind it up & make zucchini bread all year long.

Which is why last year T~ called Zucchini ‘Zucchini Bread’. As in, ‘Mom! I found another zucchini bread!’

This year she has a different name for it.

I asked her to help J~ water the garden this morning & when I got back from my Panera run, I asked her if she had watered the garden. Her reply was ‘Yes, but I still need to water the bikini.’

So if you are interested in some ‘bikini’ this year, we have 2 plants & I bet we’ll have a ton to share.

Oh & Happy 4th of July!

°º·¤.¸¯`°º·¤.¸¯`°º·¤.¸ ♥ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º° ¸.¤·º° ¤ ¸.¤·º°
¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ♥♥~GOD Bless AMERICA!~♥♥¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ¸ ¤ ¯`°º·¤. ¸
¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ¸¯`°º·¤. ¸¯`° ¯`°º·¤. ¸ ¤ ¯`°º·¤.



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