The Stench of Baseball

30 Jun

Is there anything worse than spending 3 sweaty hours at the ballpark, watching ten 10yr olds not want to play baseball, all while listening to a whiny 4yr old who just wants her ice cream cone already & a 7yr old who does not want to play nice with said 4yr old?

Yes. Yes there is. Having to do it twice next Saturday.




One Response to “The Stench of Baseball”

  1. Kristi Leckband July 1, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    Oh, so sorry for you. I feel your pain, though. We played softball in 104 degree temps yesterday, not counting the heat index. One girl went down with heat exhaustion. The others hung on, but barely. We will NEVER do that again. (By the way, Jerome & I are the coaches for said 8-year-olds.)

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