A Short Trip Down Memory Lane

28 Jun

There may be only 4 people interested in this post. It’s about a return trip to a scrubby little town I lived in for nearly 2 years in the mid-80’s. Independence was a stop-over on my parents teaching tour of the Midwest. Or a banishment. Depends on who you ask. Anyway, Independence wasn’t really a place any of us wanted to live but we were waiting for things to blow over before we could move on to bigger & better things.

I remember little snippets from that time – my friend Kathy, swimming in her lake, riding bikes around the block with my sisters, riding bikes across town to the pool, the crabby lady on the corner, the park, playing Ghost in the Graveyard with my parents co-workers kids, being introduced to MTV by the pastor’s kids, the first racially motivated slur said to my sister, a massive house fire that killed at least one person, & the time the principal hit a kid for calling the postman a n*****.

It was a unique experience. Some of us fared better than others. We were all happy to move on when the time came.

The Little House site we visited was just south of Ind. so we planned to spend some time on our way north revisiting a small portion of my childhood. The kids enjoyed the park with its 5 ‘death slides’.

Super tall slides with little to keep you from falling to your death, aka death slides.

And a train they could climb on

The funny thing about this was J~ telling the kids they could not climb on the outside of the train when I overrode him saying “I used to do it all the time. It’s fine.” As a parent, it was much scarier than when I was a kid.

After the park we drove to find our old house.

When we lived there, the house was green & the neighborhood of older homes were in pretty decent shape. The neighborhood has gone downhill since then. I traipsed through the backyard of the house next door to get a few pictures & had to step around the garage than had collapsed & other trash. Some of the more stately homes had fallen into disrepair. It was kind of sad.

The highlight of the trip was a stop at Braum’s ice cream. Stopping there was always a treat. Some stopped there more often than others (the truth came out this trip, my younger sister used to go to Braum’s with my dad while my older sister & I slaved away at piano lessons).

Cherry Pecan on top, Rocky Road on the bottom

Our trip down memory lane was a messy success!




3 Responses to “A Short Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. Jennifer Elliott June 28, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    Was the racially motivated slur against me or Becky? I’m guessing Becky because she has bright red hair. What was the slur? I don’t remember that — I try not to remember those two years of my life. I vaguely remember the principal incident (Mr. J, right?).

  2. Kristi Leckband June 29, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    And the slides are made of burning hot metal, right?

  3. Mary Wolfmeyer June 29, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    When you said you’d been to “Little House”, we wondered if you’d get to Independence. We took Stacy to see the Little House site. She’s a big fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Do you remember if the lions still guard the entrance to the park/zoo? If so, they’re antiques by now. They were there when I was a little girl. Mary W.

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