Edgy TV

27 Jun

We’ve been reading the kids the Little House on the Prairie series the past few months for their bedtime story. They’ve really enjoyed the books, so much so that we made a point at stopping at a LH site in Kansas on our recent road trip. It’s all a reconstruction (which greatly disappointed E~) but the kids still enjoyed it.

The Indian Territory Little House

I had been DVRing LH episodes to show the kids too. I vaguely remember the TV show as something I enjoyed. Saturday was a rainy, long day waiting for our dinner guests so we parked the kids in front of the TV & turned on an episode.

It all started innocently enough. I was only half paying attention but the kids were enjoying it, to say nothing of the commercials for Geritol & AARP. Apparently the Hallmark Channel has a very specific audience.

Anyway, I’m elbows deep in strawberries when it happened. Up on the screen is some dude trying to get his shotgun set up so he can commit suicide. Those 20 seconds while I’m calling for J~ to get the remote were terribly long. I couldn’t believe how many angles the LHotP camera people felt that scene needed to be shot from. No angle was left unrecorded. And the kids got it all. The first thing T~ said to our company was about how on the tv some guy was trying to shoot himself. Niiice.

I did not remember LHotP dealing with the tough topics like drug use & suicide. I don’t mind having an avenue to discuss those topics with my older kids, but I guess I’ll have to screen episodes before we watch them. Or maybe we’ll just stick to the book.



One Response to “Edgy TV”

  1. kers June 27, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    How about the episode when Albert’s girlfriend got attacked by the scary man in the woods. I don’t think my Mom will ever forget me asking what rape meant

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