24 Jun

The drive to Table Rock Lake is about 9 hours so we spent one night visiting some family in St Louis. It was a fun visit. T~ found a new best friend, my cousin’s daughter & the boy’s had a great time playing Lego’s & exploring my aunt & uncle’s new property. They hope to  build a house on it but three of the last four couples to own the land have ended up divorced. I enjoy my aunt & uncle so I’m conflicted as to whether I want them to build or not 😉

The next morning we departed for TBL. The plan was to meet my family at Missouri’s Tribute to Excess, Lambert’s. It is quite a place. They serve pop by the half-gallon, portions are huge, to say nothing of the ‘pass-arounds’ – fried potatoes (with Vidalia onions, yum) hot rolls & honey, pasta & tomatoes, & fried okra. It was not a surprise that we were the skinniest family in the place. After stuffing ourselves it was off to Sams Club to buy groceries for the trip. Shopping with my 2 sisters & our 5 kids was an interesting experience. We were working off of one list too but we eventually purchased much more than we needed.

It was finally time to head to the dock.

Once we found the place we grabbed a bunch of carts & started loading our junk onto the boat.

Too much stuff

The boat place sends you away from the dock with a pilot who then MacGyver-like, catches a boat back to the dock. I was a little worried about the driving away from the dock part because the boat was HUGE.

Our home for the next 4 days

We had a 6bedroom boat & you can look at the floor plan here. There was plenty of space for us & our gear. There was some fighting over who had the ‘hobbit’ room

Doorway to the Hobbit Room

but my sister prevailed over my kids.

After leaving the dock we set sail to find a spot to park for the night. Our first lesson on safe house boating came while tying the boat up – always wear a lifevest! My dad nearly drowned himself before we’d been on the boat an hour. Thankfully he accepted an innertube & was able to tie up the boat without further incident. Once we were safely tied up, it was time to swim:


and slide!


The boat had a great slide off the back. From the online pictures it looked like any old pool slide. Up close, it’s more of a drop slide. It’s a good drop into the lake & we LOVED it. I believe everyone aboard tried the slide at least once.

The water was perfect. It was clear, warm & calm. Perfect for floating,




and water fights.




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