2 Jun

I still feel like I’m in recovery mode from the last week of school & our trip Up ‘Nort so here is a better-late-than-never post on Bras.

Bras that fit, & I mean truly fit, are a thing of beauty. And they are probably going to be expensive. But your girls are worth it!

I’ve been frustrated for a while with my bras. The band was too big & my back, shoulders, & neck were feeling the strain. It was time for a new bra. Almost 3 months & 5 bras later, Bare Necessities decided they’d had enough of my using their ‘free returns’ & I was stuck. I still didn’t have a cup size, although I knew my band size was a 30, but no other online retailer offered free returns, & I’m cheap. It was time to call in a professional. Only there aren’t any professionals in Metropolis, or in Nearby Metropolis. The only professionals with size 30 bras in stock were in Minneapolis. As luck would have it, we were headed that direction. I made an appointment, called my sis-in-law for company & eagerly anticipated the end to my back pain.

On Saturday, J~ & the kids headed to his dad’s for the day & Sil & I headed to the Twin Cities for some shopping. First stop, La Bratique. The appointment was great. The store is in a cute little shopping area of an upscale Twin Cities suburb. You have to be buzzed in, that’s how upscale. The first thing the fitter did was measure & confirm that I have a small ribcage. Instead of telling you all the things she told me about how a bra should fit, here’s a link to her video describing what you should be looking for. After she went over all the bra info, she searched her stock & found no less than a dozen bras for me to try on. There were some duds in the bunch, but overall, I was impressed by my choices.  So impressed I walked out with 3. Sil also decided to be fitted & she came away with a new size & a few new bras as well.

Go get fitted! But don’t go to Victoria Secret. Her secret is she wants to sell you what she has & to do that she will measure you & give you a size they carry in their store. They’ll fit your cup, not your ribcage. It sickens me in more ways than one to see all these teens walking out of that store, knowing the majority of them have just purchased ill-fitting bras. The other ways VS sickens me is another blog post. Most stores will carry sizes 36 & up. A few still carry 34’s, & most high-end stores (Macy’s, Dillards, etc) will carry size 32’s. Nobody carries 30’s or smaller. What that says to me is there are a lot of females out there wearing the wrong sized bra. I have a 30in rib cage & I am not the skinniest person in a room. You can’t tell me the 16yr old stick I see walking around with her aerie bag just purchased something that actually fit her.

My biggest hurdle when it comes to bras is mental & all about cup sizing. It used to be a D cup was huge. That meant you were bus.ty. While it still might seem that way, I think a D cup is way more common & not as busty as you’ve been led to think. I hated leaving the D’s, but I also hated busting out of my bras. Now my cup size is just barely in the first 3rd of the alphabet.

I feel a little awkward (& not just about writing a post on bras while not password protecting it from my male readers). I’ve always, much to my dismay, had a chest, but now I have a chest. I wish I didn’t. I wish I was a nice B cup & could wear a cute little tank top with a built-in bra or find a swimsuit without floating underwire made of titanium. But I can’t, so I may as well embrace my endowment. The new bras help. Instead of hanging out around mid-hip, they fall where they’re supposed to, half-way between my elbow & shoulder. It’s amazing what a little lift & separation can do to the fit of your shirts.

Before you buy your next bra from Target because it’s on clearance, do yourself a favor & instead plan a trip to the nearest large metropolitan area, find an independent fitter – one with a wide range of sizes, prepare for sticker shock, & enjoy your new figure.




2 Responses to “Bralelujah!”

  1. Christina June 8, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    This is actually very timely because my daughter and I were talking about bras the other day – she needs some and I was complaining that it’s hard to find one that fits and where the strap doesn’t fall off my shoulder every five minutes. (Seriously that is SO annoying.) But she totally nixed the idea of a fitter – I understand, I’m not eager to have a total stranger see me in my altogether either. So I shall show her the video instead! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Teresa Rink June 28, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    I think I might just call them up for a fitting. I’ve always gone to VS – we shall see what they say!

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