The Gap

16 May

There is nothing quite like raising brothers. I don’t have any so every day with them is an adventure in Boyland. I had hoped since they were born in the same season our outlay in clothing & entertaining the boys would be less. Ha!

E~ is built like this:

G~ is built like this:

They weigh about the same, they’re only a couple of inches apart, but there’s a little difference in body type.

Jeans don’t last long enough for E~ to be passed down to G~, but they wouldn’t fit anyway. E~ is a slim & G~ is not. He’s not a husky, he’s just the size of a regular 10 year old. They wear the same size shirts, socks, & shorts. G~ is quickly going to pass E~ in underwear & shoe size.

Why bring this up? Because E~ needs a new bike. Badly.

His knees just about hit his chin on his current bike. J~ & I both remember getting our 10speeds for our 10th birthday’s & E~ has passed that milestone so he may get a bike just because. Our original plan was to get him a nice Trek or a Schwinn that would see him off to college. Only I haven’t seen a bike that will fit the preteen & also the 6ft-something high schooler. The next idea was to get him an intermediate bike & pass it down to G~ but that won’t work either. Bikes are probably going to go in the category of shirts, socks & shorts. G~ will need an intermediate bike long before he reaches 10 & E~ will most likely not have outgrown his.

I’m hoping Craigslist or garage sales will produce a bike for E~. I’m also hoping E~ will have a growth spurt before G~ does. I’m not sure how E~ will do with being the shorter brother.



3 Responses to “The Gap”

  1. Tonya May 16, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    This is the EXACT same thing I am dealing with my boys. T~ is about 2 inches shorter than B~ and T~ is built like G~ and B~ like E~. I can so feel ya on this. It is so hard especially when people are ALWAYS asking if they are twins. OY

  2. Julie M. May 17, 2011 at 6:54 am #

    This is exactly my boys, too! Althou Thomas is a little bit shorter, he’s heavier and will pass Jonathon up quickly. I’m sure you will find this story funny….I’m working full-time now so the laundry sometimes stays in the basket instead of being put up. Jonathon came to me asking for some jeans. I told him to look in the basket. When I got home from work that day, I realized he wore Thomas’ 10 regulars to school instead of his 10 slim…

  3. Julie S May 17, 2011 at 8:18 am #

    As for bikes – check your bike shops for used bikes. The bike shop here will take trades – only on Treks though. We found bikes for all 3 kids – used. And theh when they outgrow them, we can take them in and trade for another used (if available or new). Initially, we put our name on a list to notify us when a bike came in. Being where you are, you might have a bike shop with similar policies. Good Luck!

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