Falling Off The Wagon

12 May

Once the Spring Fling Challenge ended, apparently so did the blog. Sorry about that.

What can I say other than we’ve been busy. It’s lame I know, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The kids have a whopping 11 days of school left & they are trying to pack as many trips & meetings into those 11 days as possible. E~ has been working since January on State Fest & I believe those projects will be finished sometime next week. G~ has been doing a unit on motion & he’s had homework most nights. It usually involves a straw & a marble so it’s not hard. He’s loving the motion unit. T~ has been spending some quality time with my friend Kara & her kids. We have a nice kid-sitting swap going & between her kids & my kids field trips, T~ & I are almost never left to our own devices. Which is okay because the preschool co-op thing has kind of fallen apart. We have the letter Z to do yet & no plans to do it. We do however have plans for a field trip to a Raptor Rescue & a Natural History Museum.

J~ has been busy planting corn & coaching baseball. He lost his head & volunteered to coach both boys’ teams. During his busy season. While taking a Master’s course. No wonder his hair is starting to gray. What’s left of it, that is 😉



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