May Day a Day Late

2 May

May Day is a big deal in our neighborhood. I had forgotten about that until we pulled up to the house Sunday afternoon to find half a dozen plastic cups full of candy & popcorn sitting on the front stoop. The kids were pretty excited. They were even more excited as the doorbell rang again & again all afternoon to find more cups on the stoop. By the end of the afternoon, the boys were staking out the front windows,waiting for the next delivery & trying to guess which friend was dashing across the lawn. While I was on my run I saw a couple of kids moving around the neighborhood preparing their plan of attack. It all put a smile on my face.

I’d love a nicer kitchen, windows made of something other than aluminum, & green grass but I wouldn’t trade this location for those niceties. This house sits in a neighborhood. One where neighbors are friendly with each other. One where kids ride bikes together, go to school together, & trample through one another’s (but mostly our) yard. Sure it can be annoying when the doorbell doesn’t stop ringing; but I’ll take that over the kids whining about never having playdates with friends.

Next year I really need to try to remember the May Day thing. I have a feeling the kids will enjoy giving as much as receiving.



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