Skip Day #2

27 Apr

I’m not doing so well on this post-a-day thing. Yesterday was such a melancholy day it wasn’t worth blogging about. Today has been better. The sun was out for about 5 minutes so that was a huge improvement.

I’ve begun the research phase of the Marathon. I have 2 books about marathon training in my possession to read & study. Tomorrow I’m mapping out my run route & aiming for 3 miles rather than the 30mins the c25K wants me to do. I’m figuring 3 miles is a good place to start. If I can’t do that then I’ll need to scale back my plans to maybe a half-marathon.

In other fitness news, I went for a swim today. Can I say how much I love my swimsuit? It’s cute. It’s functional. It keeps everything where it’s supposed to be because the tops are bra sized. I cannot overstate how important that is when your chest measurement is a 30 & your cup size is much more than that. A big Thank You! to Athleta for getting swimsuits right!

If I do this marathon thing, I think I will invest in a heart rate monitor with a GPS system. Anyone out there have one they love? hate? & why.



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