What Month Do You Think This Is? March?

25 Apr

I’m so tired of this weather! I’m also tired of complaining about the weather. I bet you’re tired of hearing me grumble about the weather too. So instead of a post where I groan about how if it stays cold & wet J~ won’t be able to get into the field to plant & then that will delay pollinating & that will delay harvest & his stress level will rise & my funk will lower because of the lack of sunshine, I will finally write about my Solo in Puerto Rico.

To set the mood.

I can almost feel the heat & humidity. *sigh of contentment*

It shouldn’t surprise me that I lost interest in blogging about the trip after about the third day. What with the snow storm & the realities of life, it was almost painful to try to remember paradise. But if you’re new here you can read a few recaps of PR starting here. Someday I’ll get those ziplining pictures off J~’s computer & get that post finished.

I was looking forward to the alone time with the Hubs, but I was also really looking forward to some alone time with Me. A few years ago, one of our sitters did a 3 month backpacking trip & her highlight was the 2 or 3 days she spent alone. In the forest. In a tent. Alone. After newly acquiring a third child & heading into J~’s busy season, it sounded heavenly. Except for the tent & forest part. I stored the idea in my brain & prayed I’d recall that little tidbit when I needed it. And I did!

After 4 full days together, 3 of them in paradise (the other on a plane) it was time for J~ to go to work. His company was very kind & put us up at this lovely resort in Ponce. Our room had a lovely view & as we were visiting right after the Three Kings Holiday & before the high season, the place was pretty empty. My plan for my Solo was to do as little as possible. I wanted to lounge at the beach, lounge at the pool, eat, possibly poolside, read, & take a nap. The only hiccup was we didn’t do nearly enough souvenir shopping in San Juan so I needed to take a trip into Ponce on my own. I was not looking forward to that. J~ did all the driving in San Juan because I am a chicken. I did a little highway driving but still wasn’t looking forward to trying to find my way back into Ponce & parallel parking. I managed to find my way to the touristy part of Ponce without a problem & even found a place to park. The search for tchotchke’s was on! I located a few prints, some t-shirts, & Rum, but was looking for something special for our family that helped with the kids. I knew what I wanted when we were in San Juan, but was not able to find it in Ponce. I did find a store with a Bhuddist section & a section full of stuff that fell off the ship headed for Maryland. I was looking for something authentically Puerto Rican & artsy. Good thing Ponce is home to PR’s best art museum! My plan was perfect. I’d wander an art museum, buy some stuff on my way out, grab a bite to eat & the errands would be done! Only I couldn’t find the museum. I even had a map. I was very frustrated. Everything was in Spanish (as it should be), the street I was on ended, but the map I had didn’t have that marked , I was hungry, & this trip was eating into my pool time. It was time to call it quits, find the car, some lunch & head out. I found car & a Puerto Rican Taco Bell (they had Taco Bell’s but I shunned that for the PR version of nasty fast food Mexican). The rest of my 1st Solo Day was spent like this.

Day 2 had a sense of urgency since it was my last day in PR. I needed to squeeze in as much relaxing as possible. After a leisurely breakfast, I headed to the beach. I sat for a while & watched the water,

then decided to walk along the shore to this place:

This is the view of the spot from our room at sunset.

Turns out, it’s just a place to walk to. Nothing to see but trash. It was a nice walk though. At the end of the walk, my feet looked like this:

And before you ask if I have a foot fetish, the answer is no. T~ does. She helped paint my toenails & requested pictures of my feet to see how the polish was doing. She has also been known to accost people at the pool to check out the polish on their toes. Yes, I do find it strange but not terribly worrisome. She’s 4 so she can get away with it.

The rest of the day was spent reading & lunching by the pool. FYI, a pina colada tastes much better when served by a cabana boy while lounging under a palm tree on a chaise.

I loved my Solo but it was also hard. I spend my days surrounded by people; solitude felt weird. I found myself feeling a little self-conscious about being alone while eating. I don’t normally care what others think of me, so why did it bother me that a room of strangers might see me eat alone? At first I found myself wishing someone was with me, especially during my excursion into Ponce, but by the end of my Solo, I found I truly enjoyed being by myself. I felt completely recharged & refreshed. Good thing too because I was about to spend 11 days on my own with the kids.

I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. The days with J~, the days by myself, & the days with just the kids & me. Having time with J~ & not the demands of every day life was amazing. Being a couple again was good for our relationship. Being by myself was cathartic. Being on my own with the kids was tough but also made me appreciate the little people with whom I’ve been entrusted.

I highly recommend getting away from it all & then getting away from all. If you ask me nicely, I might even watch your kids for you 😉



One Response to “What Month Do You Think This Is? March?”

  1. Kristi April 27, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    There’s sunshine and blue skies in those pictures. Bring them back, please!

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