19 Apr

As I rolled out of bed this morning I was ready to do battle. This time not with the kids but with my attitude. I plastered a smile on my face & entered the kitchen to find that my oldest had served the youngest breakfast & was working on the dishwasher. I made sure to thank E~ for his help & the morning went up from there. Maybe there’s something to this positive attitude thing.


It was a busy morning. T~ & I started the morning at school with a volunteer appreciation. I’d never had breakfast pizza before & it wasn’t as weird as I had thought it might be. They had an Edible Arrangement too. That was fantastic. There’s nothing better than fresh pineapple. After the program at school it was off to MOPS. My table this year has been a little awkward. Not My-Husband-Is-Cheating-On-Me Awkward, more New-Mom-With-Only-One-Child-Versus-Old-Mom-With-Lots-Of-Older-Kids Awkward. The women are great but we are in such different places in our parenting, it’s sometimes hard to find common interests. Today we had an easy flow of conversation & a really relaxed meeting with lots of time for said conversation. I’m sad to think there’s only one meeting left.

Then this evening was filled with E~’s chorus concert & Boy Scouts. The concert was fun, Boy Scouts was not. I’m on the fence about this activity & am a little tired of people always asking for money. The boys enjoyed tonight’s Scout meeting. They had a raptor center bring in some birds. The highlight –  A pooping owl.

Now it’s bed time for the kids & I have The Biggest Loser queued up in the DVR & an ice pack for my ever aching neck. Is anyone else watching TBL? I’m tired of this season. I don’t want to watch a show to see people gain weight. I can see that anywhere.

Sheesh. That’s not a positive way to end the post. I know. I’ll watch TBL with a bowl of ice cream!



One Response to “Positivity”

  1. Kerstin April 19, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    Smiling about your MOPS table – it’s been a year let’s just leave it at that and TBL – what’s driving me crazy is that Kaylee who wants to leave and whines all the time and yes I am one of those who usually watches it snack in hand 🙂

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