18 Apr

My finger that is. I was dreading the appointment, fearing my dr was going to have to drain the infection. Turns out he understands more about Raynaud’s than I thought & was very reluctant to cut my slow healing finger. I really like him…

My finger is doing better. It’s sore but no longer throbbing. I’m quickly approaching 6 months of finger issues. Makes me wonder how many more Midwest winters I can handle.

Or maybe it’s just this winter. It’s never ending.


In case you can’t tell, I’m feeling rather blah. My goal this week is to be more intentional about noticing positive things about the kids. I felt like all last week I woke up crabby & ended up spreading my bad mood by the time I dropped the kids off at school. It’s so easy to rag on them because they aren’t doing something, but not so easy to compliment them for playing nicely together or for doing what they’re supposed to when they’re supposed to or for just being themselves.

Also on the docket, cleaning for company, concerts, painting a closet, & running for 28minutes straight. I wonder what will be the easiest to accomplish…



One Response to “Intact”

  1. Kristi April 18, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Running for 28 straight? Are you doing the C25K? You go, girl.

    I empathize with the complain/compliment issue. It’s much, much easier to be picky and complain. There are lots of good things happening in the home, especially with our daughter, but I find that those are so easy to overlook. I’m going to look for more positives and actually MENTION them this week. Thanks for the inspiration (i.e. kick in he pants).

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