Moving Flashback

14 Apr

I’m feeling very weepy & sad today. My good friend L~ is loading up a moving truck & leaving town. She & her family are starting a new adventure & while I’m excited for them, I’m really sad for me. L~ was one of the first people here in Metropolis to befriend me.  Her two youngest were close in age with my two youngest & they all got on well. We’ve spent many hours at parks & playdates & this past year, at our preschool co-op.

Here’s the co-op kids.

Ts~, T~ & E~

Next week will be lonely with only 2 kids.

I’ve really struggled with L~’s moving because it’s happening almost exactly 2yrs since our big move. The stress of selling a house, packing, leaving behind beloved friends, schools, & all that is known for the big & scary unknown. My heart aches for L~ & her family & all the changes ahead. I vividly remember the last family meal in our empty house, the last night in our bedrooms, the last drop-off at school, saying good-bye to beloved teachers & friends. The pain feels fresh again.

My hope is L~ will find her own ‘L~’ in her new location. Someone who is eager to meet new people & make new friends & someone makes her feel at home.

In the meantime, I’m going to have a little cry, say a little prayer for L~, & then head outside to attempt to clear the funk with a game of kickball with the littles.



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