Literal Thinker

7 Apr

I think I need to ban all idioms & turns of phrase. T~ is just too literal. This week I had planned to try a new Zumba class with my friend P~. Right as I was about to get changed P~ called to say she was stuck at school & wouldn’t be able to make it. I relayed the change of plans & the reason to T~ who became very concerned. Her first response

“Are you going to call Mr. R (assistant principal) to get her unstuck? Maybe we need to go to school to help her!”

She then spent the next hour trying to figure out how someone could be stuck but not be stuck. It’s hard to explain physical & literal sense to a 4yo.


The last few days have been b.u.s.y. Plus because we were gone last weekend I’m still playing catch up on housework & laundry. My goal for this week was to finish the painting the corners in E~’s new room & get G~ & T~’s room put back together. Instead I’ll make that next week’s goal. I’m trying to find a cheap bookshelf for G~ & T~’s room & Craigslist is totally letting me down. I hate to think I’ll have to start scouring garage sales & resale shops, but I just might have to if I ever want to get their books & crap off the floor or out of boxes. Who knew rearranging sleeping arrangements would make this much of a mess?!

Let’s see, what else is sort of exciting?

I’ve been re-running Week 6 of my Couch 2 5K for the last 2 weeks. I’ve been battling tendonitis & am trying to find a way to still run & not feel old. I’d been running in my Vibram’s & that was going well until I got ambitious & ran outside. I didn’t think it would be an issue since it’s a crushed limestone trail, but between the terrain change & the ill-conceived tightening of the Vibram’s, I ended up with a nice case of Extensor Tendonitis. After a few weeks rest & ice, my foot was better enough for me to run a mile this past weekend with my sisters & E~. Only I haven’t tried my Vibram’s again. I want to, but I’m a little nervous about re-injuring my foot. I’ve decided to try to focus on my stride (hitting mid-foot rather than on my heels) in my regular trainers & see if I can pretend I’m young & impervious to injury. I was able to run quite a ways yesterday & felt really good at the end so maybe I’m on the upswing.

I was finally able to get E~ in to the eye doctor & his prescription had changed quite a bit. He was thrilled to get new glasses & for the first time in 3 years he chose new frames! It was actually a nice morning. T~ was at Co-op so E~ & I were able to go to the appointment & for glasses without dragging along a reluctant sibling. A rarity.

T~ has an addiction to gum. It’s like crack for 4yo’s. She drives me crazy with her requests for gum. We can’t get in the van, go to a store, finish a meal, or walk to school without her asking for some.  Her other addiction? Youtube. Mainly Riverdance videos & these guys.

And G~, the forgotten child? He’s fine. We had our talk about friends & he was pretty remorseful & has been doing better. This weekend he’s having his first slumber party. One of his friends is moving next week & we are sending the friend off with a sleepover. G~ & his group is pretty sad about losing one of their ‘team’. I’m not sure chasing girls at recess will be the same without S~.

I think that’s enough randomness for one night.





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