Bullet Randomness

6 Apr

Too much going on for a nice long post. I promise a post of substance soon.

  • E~ needs new glasses. I find it very annoying that the eye dr’s office cannot schedule an appointment because they updated their software & now the scheduler is not working. For 3 days. I’m about to find a new eye dr, which will be awkward since she’s a friend
  • G~ had a field trip today for school. It was interesting (that’s the Minnesota way of saying it wasn’t so great). The kids had a fine time but I had a hard time watching my son be that kid to another in our group. He has always been tight with the boys from his Kindergarten class, but I had thought their clique was expanding. Apparently not. He was not very nice to another boy in my group & we will be addressing that this afternoon. It’s so odd. E~ has always been a ‘what you see is what you get’ kid. G~ is much more adept at being who he thinks you want him to be. Today that didn’t work so well because being around mom & friends doesn’t bring out the same G~.
  • T~ is in the midst of a day-long play date with her friend El~. She was with her this morning so I could do the field trip thing & now El~ is in our yard playing until it’s time to walk to school. So far so good. I think she’ll sleep well tonight.
  • The dog dug up some baby rabbits yesterday. The kids did not handle the carnage well. You’d think after 2 yrs in the house the rabbits would learn we have a dog who would like nothing more than to eat you. On the bright side, maybe we’ll be able to grow spinach in the garden this year!
  • Our morning routine in getting sloppy. The dishwasher isn’t getting done & then my kitchen looks terrible until the servants get home from school & finish their jobs. I really need to tighten things up around here. We still haven’t hit our groove after taking a week off for Spring Break.
  • Speaking of Spring Break, last year our record number of kids at the house was 8. This year we smashed the record with 13 kids. It helped that my friend & her 6 kids were visiting & then 4 other neighbors joined the chaos that was our yard. This neighborhood is great if you have kids who like to play with friends but not so great if you like your doorbell to never ring…



2 Responses to “Bullet Randomness”

  1. Julie M. April 7, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    I’ve had tweleve at my house all at once last summer. Keeps the kids entertained but the house looks like a disaster afterwards! I even fed them lunch.

  2. K~ April 7, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    You are brave! Or crazy. 😉 And you fed them lunch? When my numbers start to swell, they get sent outside & at most they’ll get a Popsicle.

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