Family Fun

4 Apr

This past weekend we took a road trip to Northern State to see family & run in a benefit race. Our first stop was my parent’s house to spend time with them & with my sisters & nephews. Saturday was nice enough for an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt.

The Happy Hunters

We even hid two special eggs with money. Guess who didn’t find The Golden Egg…

Poor G~. He only found candy which was probably eaten by his mom.

The rest of the day was spent staging an Awkward Family Photo,

Beck's had a hard time controlling her smirk.

and eating our weight in steak & cheesy potatoes.

The next day, we justified our binge by running in a cancer benefit race.

The family that runs together, gets to eat steak & potatoes 😉

My sisters, E~ & I did the one mile run. My sister-in-law & niece did the 1 mile walk (with a sprint at the end for my niece) & J~ decided to do the 5 mile run. The weather was semi-cooperative in that it didn’t rain. It was a fun day. The race was held close enough to my hometown that I saw quite a few people I knew. I love reacquainting myself with old friends while wearing spandex. All in all, a great weekend!



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