2 Mar

Can’t quite put all of these in their own post so you get snippets

  • E~ came home recently complaining that his class had only 5minutes for lunch. Apparently his long-term sub had hoped to correct their unruly behavior by taking away their lunch. I was pissed. I spend half my day trying to get that kid to eat, it hadn’t occurred to me that his teacher would be working against me. This sub has been touted as the best for classroom management. I say Pish Posh Piffle! She sucks if that’s her response to talking. I really hope E~’s regular teacher comes back from maternity leave…
  • For 4 days & 3 nights in June, this will be my vacation home.

Well, mine & 12 other people. My whole family is taking a vacation together & I am really excited about it. The kids are excited about the water slide off the back. I’m excited about the inability to go anywhere or do anything other than swim & relax with my favorite people in the world.

  • I’d like to enroll E~ in a Marital Arts class but am not quite sure how to approach it with him. I think it would be a good sport for him to learn some self-control & discipline, not exactly kid friendly selling points. But how do I pique his interest? Hey E~! You should take Taekwondo & learn how to fight!  I spend the other half my day telling him not to fight with his sibs so that doesn’t seem quite right. Anyone have any advice on how to sell Martial Arts to a kid?
  • Sheening. There’s a push to add the word to Urban Dictionary. I think it means completely, utterly, irrevocably crazy. And just like the word’s namesake, you can’t process it with a normal mind.
  • This is the newest episode of my favorite show. I love the cameos 😉
  • Someday soon I will get to the final couple of days of our PR trip. I’m feeling the need to relive it. Spring cannot come soon enough.




2 Responses to “Tangents”

  1. Diny March 4, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    I’d love to see you try and enroll E in a MARITAL Arts class! Seems like the same skills taught in that class would be as worthwhile in a MARITAL situation than in a martial one! haaaaaa

  2. K~ March 4, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    Thanks Diny! I thought about changing the spelling but I have a feeling E~ will need lessons in both 😉

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